Reengineering Revenue

New Book Reveals Formula to Building Strategies, Sales Teams, and Relationships that Sell

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I wrote this book to save time. You see, a few years ago I jumped from business to business, fixing their most challenging problems. I scaled companies that thought they were unscalable, upskilled teams that seemed untrainable, synergized departments that were trapped in information silos, and implemented digital transformation to give one business a statewide presence.  

And in all of these situations, the solutions were shockingly similar. Of course, there will never be a cure-all business solution, but there are powerful frameworks through which we can evaluate and solve problems. And a good framework is a powerful thing.

That’s why, after being tired of firing employees and bringing in top talent, I decided I’d help businesses help themselves. I went home, stayed up all night, and wrote a book spelling out the business framework that emerged from years of senior-level and C-suite experience.

I printed, handed it out to the company’s employees, and here’s what happened.

  • They immediately 3 x’ed revenue acceleration.
  • By year’s end, they 8 x’ed their overall revenue.
  • The next year, they 15 x’ed revenue.


To put a number to it, when I started working with this company, they were pulling in about $750K a year. By the third year, it was $16 million and counting. This book covers the fundamentals of good business at every rung of the ladder — speaking directly to CEOs, sales managers, and salespeople.

And right now, it’s free.  

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