Reengineering Revenue

Next-Gen Customer Success – Reengineering Revenue

Make Your Customer Success Function A Profit And Loyalty Center

According to Esteban Kolsky’s survey, 67% of custom churn is preventable if customer issues are solved at the first engagement. After all, exponential growth isn’t just about finding new customers — it’s also about retaining your existing ones.

That’s where customer success management (CSM) comes in. By making sure your customers are getting the most out of your services, they’re more likely to stay on board or upgrade.

That’s the power of a good CSM strategy. By lowering your churn rate and increasing your retention, CSM gives you a predictable, growing revenue stream.

" Brett Martin is one of the most productive sales pros I’ve worked with. He just has a beautiful way of listening to senior management, identifying exactly the right business problem, and then crafting an elegant sales solution. Fast. "

Brett Fox, Former CEO at Touchstone Semiconductor, Author, Raised $100 M from investors


One key customer success metric is adoption; that is, to what extent your customers use your services:

The goal of CSM is to turn more of your customers into effective adopters.


By reconnecting customers with your value experience, CSM unlocks a stable, baked-in customer base with predictable revenue. That means you can experience exponential growth by:

…for every existing and new customer who comes your way.

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