Reengineering Revenue

Got At Least $ 2,000,000 In Sales Volume?

Then You ABSOLUTELY Need An Easier Marketing And Sales Process

Take The Best Business From Your Competitors

Reengineering Revenue streamlines sales cycles, saves money, aligns teams and fully leverages existing technology.
All with an enormous impact on ROI.


You want to drive dramatic revenue growth. You want to go beyond what you’ve tried before because you know what got you here won’t get you there. Trying and failing means more time and money lost


Growth at lower cost. We help companies grow by creating efficient processes, effective people, and lead generation technology strategy, so you compete at lower cost.


Percent of Salespeople who miss quota. Why would any company invest 6 figures in people who don’t prospect nor close deals?


Volume of website
traffic that doesn’t convert to sales leads. Increasing web conversion by 1% can add $80K, as us how.

6 months

Typical time Marketers wait for results, assuming a correctly implemented technology stack.


Percent of Marketers reporting lead generation efforts are only slightly effective.


Number of Sales Leaders reporting customers are harder to sell and more educated than a decade ago.

Outsourced teams accelerate marketing and sales. Late adopters find catching up is difficult.

“Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department.”

– David Packard, CEO-Founder Hewlett Packard

To Dominate The Market,
Reengineering A Strong Revenue Machine Isn’t Optional

No marketing or sales agency out there will tell you:

That comprehensive approach didn’t exist. Until we built it.

How Reengineering Revenue Works

Connect with one Customer Success Manager for all your projects, and work with Reengineering Revenue to scale predictable sales.


Prioritize Your Growth Plan. And Execute.

In our experience, nothing mystifies CEOs and senior leaders more than marketing.

Increasing growth with reduced risk begins with an Acceleration Audit. This is a clean process that in 3-weeks, speeds collaboration between you (expert in your business) and us (experts in best business practices, strategy and implementation).


Choose Separate Audits, or combine:

Advertising and Lead Generation: Traffic, Spend, Lead Conversion, Lead Quality. Sales-Ready. According to research, websites convert only 4% of traffic that arriving (96% goes into the Internet garbage can).

Acceleration Plan Audit

Increase Lead Generation Cost Efficiency

Engineer Formal Sales Process

Drive Data & Technology ROI

But if by optimizing your website we can increase your lead conversion performance by just 1% look the gain you enjoy in this example:

Optimize Website Lead Generation Power 1%

Website Traffic (Annual)Traffic2Lead ConvCustomer WorthSales Opportunity ConvSales Revenue
Sales Increase$80,000

We will focus on ROI by lowering spend/ increasing lead conversions (CRO approach) for your company and propose the action plan and budget.

Sales: Benchmark your organization to industry sales standards, review content, conversion show you where we can help lower costs and increase volume of lead quality.

Technology and Data: We’ll find and propose corrections. You decide.

We’ll audit the technology tools, data analytics driving Account Based Marketing and customer experience drivers behind increasing sales appointments.

In many companies, only a minority of the software features purchased are implemented by in-house teams and others. (if they’re being used at all) Or data isn’t integrating into software tools properly.

These friction points can kill revenue growth efforts before they even begin.


Next Steps: At audit completion, choose from the execution areas below that make sense in building your economies of scale in revenue generation…

Want help getting a bigger business?

Connect with our Senior Specialists working in the growth areas your business needs to strengthen, and use Pay-As-You-Go milestones to get predictable sales.

Schedule your best time to talk with a Customer Success Manager and see if we can help you.


Marketing Built With Sales In Mind

Your business is unique.

But here’s the rub for entrepreneurs everywhere: you aren’t clearly articulating the ultimate reason to buy from you – versus all your competitors.

(Don’t feel too bad, almost no one does this well)

If you CAN clearly articulate that ultimate buying reason, your sales will increase, competition will shrink,  and your revenue line will swell.

Across increasingly connected devices, strategic messaging is more important to ensure websites influence how customers perceive your business value vs. your customer’s alternatives.

This is lifeblood of your business. “Guessing” or “gut feelings” when it comes to strategic messaging should be left at the door.

Example: we changed the web content to make the impact and value of a business concrete for the ideal customers a company was hunting (strategic messaging), and sales increased by 275%.

Get the Strategic Messaging you need for a conversion-ready website, the heart of your entire marketing-led sales process.

Develop Customer Decision Maker Personas:

Research and identify the psychology for up to three Ideal Customer Profiles – dictating everything from the features and functionality of your product, how to create high-converting offers and words emotions to invoke in your marketing.


Write Best-In-Class Digital Content:

You are not a non-profit publishing business—create content that speeds time-to- revenue.

Identify markets to compare and create concise, eye-catching, and innovative headlines and innovative body copy for best-in-class digital content experiences across website, case studies, sales tools, guides, blogs, white papers, product launches and marketing programs.

Plan the monetization of content that is findable, guides readers into the sales funnel and lowers the cost of customer acquisition. Track content consumption data and make recommendations for improvement.

Website Design

Lead Generation:

If you have an undefined target market (you can’t buy a list and market to them directly), you’ll want to consider digital advertising that is m

Tactical Marketing:

Choose the traffic to drive to your website

Paid Search & Paid Social Google AdWords & Facebook Ads:

Which is best for your business: Paid Search or Paid Social? Both can be fantastic! But must be thought of differently to drive leads and ROI.

Offer user experience design, conversion rate optimization and taxonomy development for optimized page layouts, intuitive navigation and content findability Resolve internal process and system issues that are barriers to efficiently delivering customer journeys.

Measurable, specific, more cost-effective than traditional media, and demands a “response”.


Attack the biggest business inefficiency: your people.

In any business there are 25 Acceleration Points that can be optimized 10% to 1,000%. The trouble is business don’t know what these all are and are not optimizing.


Sales Coaching:

See 15% to 30% sales performance improvement in 90-days. And get 40% sales improvement in 12 months.


Schedule your best time to talk with a Customer Success Manager and see if we can help you.


If your SAAS, Subscription Model, or Ecommerce company needs a best in class marketing technology stack across internal sales, marketing and operations groups, then our Lifecycle Marketing Automation Technology team can help you:

Access the wide range of features hiding inside your platform. Our team of experts will understand and tailor solutions for your unique business needs leveraging our strong expertise on the tool.

We offer strong command of Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud,, Application set-up, Apex & Visual Force, Lighting Development, Platform & App Development, Integration with 3rd party systems, Data Migration, Wave Analytics, Reports and Management Dashboards.

Marketing Automation

Plan and strategize marketing goals, streamlining and automating the sales funnel and prioritizing your marketing strategy to increase the business value from a marketing automation implementation.

We have an expertise in following Marketing Automation tools: Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Marketo, HubSpot, Infusionsoft, Campaign Monitor,  Aweber, Getresponse, SendinBlue, iContact, Constant Contact, Acton and MailChimp.



Make Data and Marketing Technology Tools Drive ROI

Do investors ever wish you had more than a temporary solution to a permanent cash flow problem? The difference between the best and the average companies—is how you use integrated and aligned technology in your approach to growth. is the DEVELOPS approach to Marketing and Sales; both are powered by your Tech-Stack and data.

Data Analytics & Data Migration:

Data Visualization:

It doesn’t matter what you are tracking or what data is available if you’re not able to easily interpret the data and consistently use the data in your decision making.

Build & suggest intuitive data visualization giving you clarity to make key decisions on ongoing experiences and optimization goals based on historical and real-time data. We have strong knowledge and implementation skills on: KLIPFOLIO, Power BI, GECKOBOARD, and DOMO.

Pay-As-You-Go Milestones:

You confirm acceptance at each project milestone. See proof of completion when our experts deliver a milestone, before you make the next payment. Set your milestones for Discovery, Development, Testing, Launch, Results and Reporting. You stay in control.

Want help getting a bigger business?

Talk with our Senior Specialists working in the growth areas your business needs to strengthen.

Schedule your best time to talk with a Customer Success Manager and see if we can help you.