Reengineering Revenue
The Last Person Who Read This Left with 1,835% Revenue Growth

RevOps isn’t just a buzzword — it’s a revenue model that 75% of the highest growth companies plan to deploy by 2025.

It’s no wonder why…

By de-siloing your company’s revenue people and processes and rebuilding them as a unified team with a unified view of customers, you can eliminate funnel inefficiencies, information hoarding, internal competition, and misalignments that cost you sales every day.

The result is more revenue, more conversions, and far less work.

For even more explosive revenue growth, there’s customer success management (CSM). CSM lets you hold onto your customers by boosting engagement, removing friction points, and reconnecting them with the value experience.

For your sales and marketing teams, that means:

Put all of this together, and you earn new customers, retain existing customers, and experience exponential growth.


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The 34 Tips I Used to Grow $25 Million in Revenue.

That isn’t just a flashy headline — it’s one of my crowning achievements.

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I rescued a stagnant ten-year startup using decades of hard-earned business insights. As a result, the startup produced over $25.9 million in sales (an all-time record for the company), and I became the highest-paid person in my firm.

That’s all well and good — but how did I do it, and how can you?

I’ve put together a complete case study of the entire process, from the higher-level strategies I implemented down to the design of the white papers, eBooks, and sales sheets.

I’m showing you everything — immediately and for free — because I want to put my best foot forward and forge a meaningful professional relationship with you.


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    Here are just a few things you’ll learn:

    About Brett

    Brett Martin knows what it takes for a business to succeed. As a Revenue Operations architect, he leverages decades of boots-on-the-ground expertise to optimize team dynamics, minimize churn, and achieve dramatic sales growth.

    He’s had a storied career: At 27 years old, Brett was the youngest manager in the Lockheed Martin Corporation. The CEO entrusted him with managing his sub-division’s highest budget ($4 million). He also turned around three failing departments with a $2 million cost reduction, revived a top-3 division department in a $1B enterprise, and rescued a division by managing 500 project launches in 24-months. Find out what he can do for you.