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From The Desk Of Brett Martin

A Business Veteran’s Guide to Explosive Growth (In 2022)

A recent Gartner survey of more than 900 sellers reveals that 89% are burned out, and 54% are actively seeking a new job.

So when an enterprise asked me to fix their failing revenue departments. I went in and cleaned house, rebuilding broken processes and dropping under performers.

Eventually, I got tired of firing salespeople, so I wrote a book for them instead. By helping you build a mission-driven sales process, the book shows how to capture the hearts and minds of your sales team.

The next day, I handed it out.

What happened?

  • A 15-year sales veteran entered my office and said, “Brett, I wished that I had this information years ago. My career wouldn’t have been so rocky.”
  • Immediate: 3x revenue acceleration.
  • Next Year: 8x revenue, with consistent growth.
  • Next Year: 15x revenue.

They weren’t pulling in $750K anymore…they were making $16 million and counting.

Here’s how I did it…

$7 $16.00

After working on every rung of the ladder from Sales Representative to COO, I knew the only way to achieve explosive growth is through a holistic change led by someone with years of inside experience.

From the corner office to the sales desk, I’ve learned some hard-earned wisdom that helped me build a career as the go-to guy for revenue growth.

I put it all into my book so I could mature the sales team, their managers, and help the CEO steer the ship…and it worked.

Here are just a few things you’ll get out of it:


  • Experience explosive, predictable revenue growth.
  • Synergize your sales, marketing, and customer success teams for maximum efficiency (page 95).
  • Minimize operating costs while maximizing returns.

Sales Managers

  • Meet revenue goals with your full team — not just a couple of rainmakers.
  • Collect, combine, and visualize sales data to reveal inefficiencies (page 59).
  • Automate overcoming those sales hurdles by maturing your team (page 79).

Sales People

  • See the best sales strategy I ever developed.
  • Learn how to systemative selling in the modern market (page 13).
  • Spend more time closing and less time on grunt work (page 77).

How This Works

Why is Sales Think a PDF? So you can get it…

  • Immediately
  • Cheaply
  • & access it anywhere on any device.

You’re busy, and you don’t want to wait a week to get your hands on something you’re motivated to read right now.

That’s it. There’s no catch — no continuity programs, annoying phone calls, or unexpected charges.

This is the beginning of our professional relationship, so I want to put my best foot forward and show you what I have to offer first.

Are You in or Out? This Might Not Be Here Next Week.

I’m a one-on-one kind of guy.

As more people buy the book and reach out to me, the price goes up. Eventually, when things get too busy, I take down this page entirely to focus my attention where it matters most — on the people messaging me about growing their businesses and careers.

If you’re interested, go ahead and claim your copy while it’s still available.

I look forward to hearing from you.

About Brett

Brett Martin knows what it takes for a business to succeed. As a Revenue Operations architect, he leverages decades of boots-on-the-ground expertise to optimize team dynamics, minimize churn, and achieve dramatic sales growth.

He’s had a storied career: At 27 years old, Brett was the youngest manager in the Lockheed Martin Corporation. The CEO entrusted him with managing his sub-division’s highest budget ($4 million). He also turned around three failing departments with a $2 million cost reduction, revived a top-3 division department in a $1B enterprise, and rescued a division by managing 500 project launches in 24-months. Find out what he can do for you.