Reengineering Revenue
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Revenue growth isn’t for failing companies — it’s for companies that know their worth. 

Take a look at one of my clients: The last CEO I helped owned a law firm. In 12 months, I increased their growth from 16% to 370%. Meanwhile, their industry grew by a boring 14%. It’s now ranked among the 500 fastest-growing law firms in the nation.

Take a look at another one of my clients: from 2004 to 2010, they doubled their revenue. After a bit of a rough patch, they called me to get them back on track. They wanted to return to their 2010 heights…but instead, in just 12 months, I tripled their revenue.

By the end of 2015, they weren’t pulling $750K but $15 million. It’s clear that they were underselling themselves. In hindsight, even during their initial growth phase, they were incurring a massive opportunity cost.

That’s a key lesson I’ve learned: even “good” revenue can be a sign of under performance if you know what you’re really worth.

I’m Brett Martin. I’ve spent decades in the business world. I got my start knocking on doors — 310 doors a day, to be exact. Then I began cold calling at sales desks until I became a young manager at one of Lockheed Martin’s highest-budget departments. From there, my career took off. Over the next decade, I worked with startups and enterprises to reach their full potential and grow their revenue by the millions.

You can find some of my war stories on my site, but for now, I want to talk about how I 15x-ed this company not because it was hard but because it was surprisingly easy.


It all started with a book. I didn’t expect to write it — but I was so tired of firing salespeople and rebuilding this company brick by brick that I decided to try something different.

So, I went home, opened up my computer, and I started typing.

By the time the sun rose, I had a thin 100-page book that was packed with as much of my hard-earned business wisdom as I could fit into it.

I had a bunch of copies printed; I handed them out to the salespeople; they read it, and you know the rest.

sales growth chart

It’s been a while, but last month, I gave the book another look, and I realized a lot more people could benefit from it.

So, I spent a few days updating it for the modern market, and now I’m listing it here, really for a pittance, for a limited time.

I want to make connections with you. I want to help your career or your business. And I hope this book is the first of many steps toward that goal.

Enjoy. I hope to hear from you soon.