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Our team reengineered 1,835% in revenue growth...

Reengineering Revenue is a Business Strategy Agency.

Spend Less, Convert More.

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Our Funnel’s 7,000% Return on Spend…

Which funnel do you think outmatches its competitors? We built Funnel 2 to simplify and supercharge sales. Then, we ran targeted traffic and applied sales skills…


The result? At nearly a tenth of the spend, +2,300% more leads, +65% more conversions, +100,000% more sales earnings, and a +7,000% return on spending.

How It’s Done.

Full Funnel or Fail: Our Unified Revenue Engine


We see it every day: sales can’t close deals with the prospects they’re given, and marketing can’t find quality prospects without knowing what sales needs. Mix that with outdated strategies and a lack of cooperation, and you’ve got a dysfunctional family where your business should be.

That’s where we come in.

Here’s the big picture: Reengineering Revenue’s senior team helps you…

What makes this possible is our unified revenue engine — by streamlining all of your teams and resources, we maximize sales performance so you can scale from traffic to growth.

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Trusted By Senior Leaders

“Brett Martin is one of the most productive sales pros I’ve worked with. He just has a beautiful way of listening to senior management, identifying exactly the right business problem, and then crafting an elegant sales solution. Fast.”

Brett Fox
Former CEO at Touchstone Semiconductor, Author
Raised $100M from investors

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Trusted By Senior Leaders

“Brett is an absolute ace when it comes to sophisticated sales automation programs. His incredibly data-driven and customer-focused approach maps a highly developed understanding of market-specific behavior to sales phases. The end results are rapid revenue acceleration at incredible efficiency that scales.”

Juston Brommel
CEO at Paper Lantern

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Trusted By Senior Leaders

“I learned a lot from Brett about how Marketing should be scaling my Sales. I’ve adopted his methods for my next business and am growing sales even more than in the last venture. It is very difficult to find someone like Brett who is equally strong in both Marketing and Sales. He is a goldmine, and very funny.”

Rey Castellanos
CEO at Feed Your Wolf

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